Recent Writings, Published And Non Published

2020 and 2021 New Titles

Musings Over a Country School & Churchyard
Changing times can erase notable times, history and culture

Uncle Roy, Our Best Buddy
Roy Provided us our opportunity to see more of the world outside the farm

May, The Golden Month
Inspiring poems, songs, and a symbol of Hope and Goodness

In Times Less Gentle and Kind, It's Good To Be Gentle and Shun Offense
Let's Treasure the Lives That Have Demonstrated Goodness

About Rufus Bellamy
My Favorite Professor, A Mentor and Friend

More About Rufus Bellamy
A Man of Two Minds, Present and Absent

Black Sam Bellamy
Professor Bellamy of MSC has some distinctive
characters in his family line.

Final Remembrances of the Late Rufus Bellamy
Home and Life Style

Virginia Woods Bellamy
A Poem

Bun and Mom, Catalysts of Celebration
Christian Passing and Funerals Need not be Somber

Just Then, It Shot, A Zen Construct
Instinct Guided by the Unconscious, Anointed to Achieve Accuracy

Elmore's Song, Elmore Dally of Pillager, Minnesota
A Janitor by Trade, A Man of Many Parts and Mentor to Myself

Fishing Legend, Ron Lindner, Remembered

Ron and Brother, Al Lindner Achieved Fame and Fortune Teaching the World How to Fish

Remembering the Deadly Stratford Hotel Fire of 1977
Death and Fiery Destruction Reigned in A January Blizzard

On Giving and The Gift
Enriching Others More Than Ourselves

Birds, And The Bird Connection
Realizing That Birds are So Much a Part of Our World

May, The Golden Month
A Favorite of Poets and Playwrites

Another Pillager Notable
Principal, Neal Mattson

Mable Cooper, Story-teller, Historian
Cree Indian, Oral Traditions

Follow up accounts from others regarding Stack's Slough
Original Stacks Slough Story Prompts Similar Accounts

Curse of Stack's Slough
More Misadventures in Preparation For Duck Hunting Season

Orchestration or Just Luck?
Diversity and Dynamics Among Family Members

My Last Visit With Warren Williams
Saying Good-bye To A Life-long Friend

More Notable Students I've Known

Lampwicks I Have Known

Janitors I Remember
The Treasure of Janitors

Giving Kids Some Hope

Gleanings From the Plague Year

Unforgettable Characters I've Known
George Gloege

Hearing From Al Lindner

Hemingway Reconsidered
American Literary Giant or a Sadly Tragic Life

Inklings He's Here
God's Presence Seems a Proof of His Reality

Cathy Giffords Inspiring Biography
"It's Never Too Late"

Befriending Outcasts Can Bring Benefits

My Girlfriend Has A Sister

Of A Fish And A Cross

Remembering Casey's
(A fellowship and tradition that keeps showing up)

Some Black Lives That Mattered To Me

The Wind and Gary Young
An Adventure On Big Stone Lake

Facing the "Monarch Fear" With Song

Gary's Poem from Dad,
The Silverado 18 Wheeler

Curse of Stack's Slough - 2

Elmore's Song

Goundhog, Woodchuck Potpouri

Home-town Heroes

Meadow Larkin'

More great SSS students who stayed

The Bird Connection

Time For Larks

Two Major Barbaras

A California Christmas

A Christmas Meditation

The Ed Shorma Story

Family Connections Are Lasting

Pillager Days, Folks Recalled

Home-Town Heroes

Words For Jerry Reddig



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