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2023 Articles July to 01-2024

2023 Part 2: July to 01-2024

The Day Star Rises 07/30/23

Tony Bennett - Singer Par Excellence 08/01/23

Dr. J. to the Rescue 08/6/23

They Met On A Plane 08/21/23

The Nicest Guy I Never Got to Know 8/27/23

Many Waters Cannot Quench Love 09/12/23

Devil or Angel, Bobby Vee Knew Which 09/23/23

Learning Where You Can Put Your Trust 10/02/23

Summer Out, Fall In 10/07/23

Do! Do All - 10/16/23

Some Ways That Man Limits God 10/23/23

New Notes and Blue Notes for November '23

The Tree That Was and Is and Yet May Be 11/5/23

Some Bitter Pills to Ponder Swallowing 11/13/23

God Is Not Taken by Surprise 11/26/23

Developing an Attitde of Gratitude 12/4/23

Bethlehem City of Bread 12/12/23

Shine Jesus Shine 12/14/23

Hearts Are Moved by Attitude 12/15/23

Beware the Wandering Star 12/ 27/23

Perspectives On a Most Unpredictable Year 12/30/23

Beauty Reconsidered 01/2024

Promises and More for 2024 1/9/23

Is There Any True Hiding Place to Everafter? 1/19/24

Adventures in Imagination 01/24/24

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