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God Isn’t Taken By Surprise

The believers in climate change, a favorite topic among the savants now putting out the dire warning that if mankind doesn’t immediately stop cranking out greenhouse gases like ozone and carbon dioxide, and if he doesn’t immediately stop manufacturing petroleum-driven engines and convert them over to electricity, all hell could break loose, and the planet with its over-population of human beings who cause all these problems could soon become history.

All this rests on the atheistic conviction that our present home, planet earth, was created not by God, but by an amazing coincidence. Or if there is a God, say these experts, He did not foresee this situation, and that we, his created children, must act fast to save the planet and ourselves.

I have long considered the whole climate change crisis to be a gigantic scare tactic dreamed up by cunning politicians, seeing it as their big chance to offer their profound solutions and be our saviors if elected.

Well, they have their “inconvenient truths,” and so do conservative Christians like myself. Why this question isn’t being debated in congress and all university campuses, I can only imagine. I do know that few research grants are given out to scholars wanting to go on field trips to prove that the biblical accounts of the creation might indeed be true.

I have heard several creation accounts by Israeli archaeologists and others that seem to me actually more plausible than the chicken little, “the sky is falling!” scenario aimed at panicking lot of uninformed, fear-driven voters to believe in global warming, (or is it climate change?) and vote hard left, totally ignoring the immediate crises, like inflation, or illegal immigration, that are pressing in upon us right now.

I heard one creation scenario this morning presented by Andrew Wommack that seemed very much to line up with my own thinking and much that we read in the Bible’s creation account. His thesis was, “God is not taken by surprise,” and that He may well have pondered for eons before he ever “commanded the morning to break forth”(Job 38:12) with the words, “Light, BE!”

Furthermore, argues Wommack, after six days,(actually covering several billion years,) and His work was finished, He did not need to rest on the 7th day because He was tired, but because He saw that it was “very good,” and he rested because the whole creation and everything in it was perfect.

When God created mankind on the 4th day, He set them down in a garden where everything they’d ever need was waiting for them “richly to enjoy.” All they had to do was care for the garden and then reach out and pluck any of the many perfect fruits waiting for them relish.

Yet God, says Wommack, could have pondered for eons over the design, function, and placement of each thing in his universe – the precise speed of light for example, or the precise tilt of the earth’s axis to afford the ideal year-round climate, or the perfect design of the make up and function of each cell, each organ its function and interaction with all the others in each created organism on the planet. He could have then commanded the thing to be, in a perfect embodiment of the imagined thing.

According to the Bible, God also foresaw that man, because of his gift of free will, would one day fall from the idyllic perfection of the garden and be faced with the need to toil for his existence “by the sweat of his brow,” thus the need to store up fuel such as petroleum, coal and natural gas in quantities sufficient to serve man indefinitely. All these resources were waiting for mankind when Adam and Eve were banished from the garden. God didn’t go, “Whoops, now what?”He prepared the table before them in the presence of their enemy,” Satan.

Many features on our planet have built in mechanisms for regeneration. Pollution such as the oil spills near Valdez, Alaska. and the oil rig leaks in the Gulf of Mexico, which activists screamed could take centuries to clean up, were almost totally recycled back into the environment in a few short years by the natural motion of the ocean with its wind-driven waves and its powerful currants.

Wommack pointed out that in the 1970’s scientists were proclaiming the coming of an ice age. And droughts, such as our present one, parallel the records set during the dust bowl days of the dirty 30’s.

He points out that man, trying to solve these cosmic problems by throwing our money at them, could save himself a lot of high anxiety simply by asking the Lord to “heal our land.” (II Chron. 7:14.)

Who wants to shell out $70,000 for an electric car, when we have more than enough fossil fuels to warm us and keep us motoring cleanly and happily for the duration?

No, I think God saw all this coming from the very beginning. He is never taken by surprise, except perhaps at the lengths some experts will go to justify their own infallibility.

Gene Pinkney 11/26/23 for the Daily News