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Learning Where You can Put Your Trust

In these last hectic days, there seems to be someone offering the perfect answer to life’s problems behind every billboard. The TV commercials offer a staggering assortment of unpronounceable pills promising instant relief for whatever ails us – until we read the small print and see all the scary side-effects that attend that wonder drug, including our old ever-peasant pal, death. But the only remedy I’ve found truly trustworthy is an even older friend, God. Joyce Meyer, whose advice comes from a life that’s encountered nearly every weapon the enemy has come up with, offered a pretty dependable source of help in time of need in an exposition of Psalm 37: “Trust in the Lord and do good.” Then get ready to see some real benefits.

We are living in an age when “the best laid plans of mice and men gang aft aglay.” Robert Burns, the Scottish “plow boy poet,”caught the drift back in 1785, and one could find no better medicine for malady today than taking Joyce Meyer’s advice and delving deep into Psalm 37 or any of the other “great and precious promises,” available to be searched out in the greatest book ever written, The Holy Bible.

Our daughter, Lisa, whose been a heaven-sent gift to us because circumstances brought her back to Dakota to be close to us, spends most weekends hanging out with the best friend she ever had, her mom, Audrey. Lisa called Thursday evening because she had some scary symptoms which she thought could even be the dreaded COVID thing. That sent me to my Bible looking for what to do. The Holy Spirit directed me to that very scripture Joyce Meyer had taught on the morning before, Psalm 37,but this time I found that there is much more in that huge care package than just “trust in the Lord and do good.”

The psalm also calls for us to “commit our way” to the Lord while trusting in Him and “He will bring it, (the answer to our problem),to pass. Then it adds that we should “rest” in the Lord, expecting good results.

Of course the enemy filled both of our minds with fearful “what ifs” designed to instill doubt, worry and fear. The thought that some damned virus might steal our daughter from us, not just for a weekend but longer, really took a toll. So I turned to the one thing I’ve learned to do when I don’t know what to do, pray, and since I have the gift of tongues I let the Holy Spirit pray through my lips a long time. Finally I felt a strange sense of peace and decided to go to sleep with true blessed assurance.

The first thing Friday morning, Lisa called and said that she felt fine, was going to work, and would be home with us for our usual Friday evening dinner out.

That was just a simple instance of how “ever present” God’s help is if we take His advice, “trust in the Lord” and act on it in faith.

On that same Friday morning we got the scary news that Jim Jawaski, well-known Wahpeton auto window repair and replacement man and member of our Harvest Outreach congregation, had suffered a terrible accident, a crane falling across both of his legs and pinning him there for what seemed to be way too long.

That set in motion the plea of our pastor, Dominic Warne. for the congregation to be praying. It sounded like we were going to need a miracle, and I think we got one, maybe more when we heard the full doctor’s report.

First, the doctors were amazed that no bones in Jim’s legs had been broken. Furthermore, the minutes of waiting for the medics to arrive should have been enough time for Jim to have completely bled out. But the weight of that crane kept the bleeding minimized until tourniquets were applied. Then, Sunday morning we heard more good news. Despite much trauma to Jim’s leg muscles, he was up, pushing his walker around the hospital. We were all truly amazed at God’s goodness. I think that is the love that leads men to change their minds about God, (that is, repent), and then the resolve to change their lives for the better.

I think these close to home proofs of God’s faithfulness should be a huge wake-up call to many who are casual Christians and skeptical of much they hear from the pulpits. Personally, I put little confidence in the promises of most politicians, pill-pushers, and snake-oil salesmen. But I’d stake my life and immortal soul on my certainty that God is everything He says He is and much more. “Delight your self also in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart”... “Trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass.” (Psl 37: 3-7)

Gene Pinkney/ 10/02/23/ For the Daily News