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Bible Mysteries

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Bible Mysteries
Dunamis Holy Spirit Power

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Bible Mysteries
Receiving the Gift of Righteousness

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Bible Mysteries
The Cross-Baptism

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Church the Body

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Grace through

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Jesus The Living

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Hidden Gospel
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Blessed Appearing
Typology of the Rapture

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Church the Body

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Bible Mysteries

Who are God's Children?

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It is the Glory of God to Conceal a Matter,
It is the Glory of Kings to Search out a Matter.
Proverbs 25;2
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1 Corinthians 2:6 - 1 Corinthians 2:7) - - We do speak a message of wisdom, but not the wisdom of this world or of the rulers of this world, who are passing off the scene. (7) Instead, we speak about God's secret wisdom that has been hidden, which God destined for our glory before the world began.

"It is the Glory of God to Conceal a Matter;
The Glory of Kings to Search Out a Matter"
Proverbs of Solomon (ch25-2) "You can access the life of God
without being sidetracked by the pitfalls of religious tradition."

Charles Pinkney

For all of those who have not received salvation, the 'gift of God' all scriptures remain veiled. This veil is removed by Christ, The messiah. The world of the unbeliever remains under the control of the 'god of this world' who is also called 'the prince of the power of the air,' Satan.

Searching, knocking, and asking are the necessary steps to knowing God and His wisdom. In order to make headway in this quest, the motivation of your heart must be sincere and fervent. God's response will surely follow. While there are many who claim to hold the key to wisdom, one must knock at the right door. This door IS found in The Holy Bible. The Bible is not an antique, out-dated document. The Bible, in reality, is the document that holds a perfect record of hundreds, even thousands of prophecies that have come to pass.

In order to secure understanding, one must rely upon the Holy Spirit for He is The Spirit of Truth who proceeds from the one true God. The Holy Spirit will reveal Jesus Christ. The pathway that leads a seeker into the knowledge of the mysteries of God is only through Yeshua. Jesus the Messiah is the way, the truth, and the life, and him only. Religions and Religious organizations even those who mask themselves as Christian, often present their own institution as the only true way. Such institutions can lead a seeker into cults, dogma and deception.

"God is a Spirit," the scripture explains. God and all Heavenly things are mysteries since they consist of divine substance. These can only be perceived, received and believed on a non-sensing, non academic level. If I say that I know God, who you have never known or seen him, can only judge my assertions on the basis of my personal credibility. Some who profess to be a spokesmen for God are more credible than others.

We know that the original apostles after the resurrection of Jesus, did not work to win converts by debate, philosopy or intellectual theories to reason the existence of God; but demonstrated God's existence by supernatural proofs. They demonstrated the Power of God. (Read Paul's letter to Corinthians Chapter1 and 2). Yet many Christian apologists continue to strive to persuade a materialistic, non believing world based upon arguments, logic or intellectual proofs.

Progressive Revelation

There are many who disagree with the concept of progressive revelation. Some wish to see the mysteries of God (essential truths) codified and made concrete to pass down to future generations. The understandings which we call "doctrines" of faith can vary considerably as to the interpretation of any particular scripture passage. The response from the doctrinal watchdogs will say these have been the teachings of the fathers and we stand upon our doctrines. Essential doctrines of course, represent the acknowledged view of that sect whether Catholic, Protestant, or another.

The Holy Spirit was introduced on the Jewish Feast of Pentecost, 50 days after the Passover. Jesus thus fulfilled that Jewish festival as he fulfilled the previous three. This event recorded in Acts Chapter 1 and 2 , was the moment of spiritual empowerment that was promised to the disciples. They were not to teach or testify until after this was realized. See link to "Book of Acts."

This Holy Spirit has many supernatural dimensions which we touch upon later. One of these is the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding. Wisdom lies latent in the Word of God. Yeshua (Jesus) is also called the "Living Word." It is through his Holy Spirit that he and continues to speak to the reader in the present. The Holy Spirit brings revelation and understanding, not merely "intellectual" factual knowledge.

This is what makes the Bible unique. Not only does the information found in it prove true and reliable but it has the power to reveal "heavenly things"- truth and understanding on a level beyond the factual or informational level. The two levels to be experienced by those who read Scripture are informational and revelational. Believers who are Spirit born, empowered by the Holy Spirit Baptism are illumined by "The Rhema Word." Rhema refers to the proceeding voice of God which enlivens the Scripture and makes it speak to the present needs of any reader. The Spirit brings life and understanding. "The letter of the Scripture, kills, but the Spirit brings life."

There are many who believe the Bible is mostly a fable authored by men or made up. They have not yet received the needed keys to receive God's wisdom, which are faith and belief. Through these we know that the stories of God's wonders in day of old are more than fables, they are assuredly true.

Jesus gave this testimony about knowing God and His mysteries.
" - I know Him, I am from Him, He sent me. -" (John 7:19.) Yet, not everyone is, persuaded by these words. There are also many today remain unpersuaded that Yeshua is the one and only mediator between God and Man and that salvation comes through him. I myself, have learned and understand that God hides himself to the vain and vulgar and presides over mysteries and hidden things.

Jesus Parables Hide Deeper Meanings

The parables taught by Yeshua (Jesus) had within them kernels of truth on multiple levels; plain story-level truth and higher spiritual level revelation. There is and always has been the matter of hidden truth, or 'hidden manna.' To Christ's disciples it was given to know the secrets of the Kingdom of God while others received no more than a moral homily. Why is it that God reveals himself to some and not to others?

God Almighty in his wisdom chose that heaven and its mysteries are not open for the vile and vulgar to intrude upon! There are defining limits between darkness and heavenly light.

I have always puzzled that Bible TRUTH and the realities of God were not presented to the world in neatly delineated, point by point, topics.  Wouldn't that be wonderful if all the hidden facts about God and Heaven's realities were made accessible and easy to comprehend! But in God's wisdom, He has chosen to hide himself. He dwells in a secret place. (Psalm 91)

The unbeliever must set aside unbelief before he/she can make the first step of faith. Thus the key to unpacking and deciphering the Word of God can not be achieved strictly by academic skills and study alone. If that were true only the bookish could know God. The Divine Spirit, Ruach ha kadesh, in Hebrew called in King James vernacular the Holy Ghost, (God-breath or God-wind) is the one and only way to achieve valid revelations of God. The Spirit of God always reveals and glorifies Jesus. It takes those things which belong to Jesus and reveals them to us. There are of course mystics from other relgions and cultures who receive spiritual revelations. These can come from various practices, like drugs, shamanism, meditations, or spirit guides. But rest assured, these are of another spirit and do not conform to Biblical truth.

At this reading, you can at best, receive an encouragement and a hope of deeper revelation through our efforts to encourage you. The insights I share were not the result of formal studies at Christian institutions but were drawn entirely from personal studies and experience. But if these do not conform to the entirety of Scripture you may consider them of no value!

Without the Holy Spirit, the teacher and discipler of truth, one remains bound to an informational level. We are given understanding in the light of Jesus. "The entrance of his word gives light." (Psalm 119:130) Understanding grows a little at a time. First, a line by line approach to scripture, then eventually, precept upon precept. Precepts are the understandings of what the literal word actually says in terms of the greater wisdom of God. Jesus is 'the Word of God made flesh.' This is in Itself a profound mystery. When the Scripture (The Word of God) is made known in its completeness we shall See Him as He IS.

The following chapters deal with the subject of Mysteries. There are several topics that will seem all too familiar; such as those addressed in a typical sermon or a Bible study. But even though the topics sound familiar, I believe there are deeper understandings to be revealed. These topics are not in any hierarchy or order. Nor will I suggest that my thoughts on these are more than a glimmer of light in the face of deeper understanding. Consider these as introductory topics of God's mysteries. Many more real and challenging mysteries to plum and explore. There are accounts of prophecies that have come to pass and many that still are awaiting fulfillment. The fact that Jesus is still not known as the way, and truth and the source of life attests to the fact the even the essentials remain hidden to millions of souls under the sun. 

Bible Commentaries

We assume that Bible commentaries are made by experts and scholars. For the most part that is true. Yet many scholarly men have a partial or incomplete understanding on many matters that they review. There are doctrinal boundaries which flavor the writings and some of these borde on intellectual unbelief.

I would counsel that whenever you read commentaries offered by a teacher or authority that you not take it as certainty. For this reason, Bible commentaries should never be regarded as absolute or definitive. It is God's purpose that all in the BODY may share what the Bible has revealed to each of us. The rhema word is active and available to all who are born of the spirit. This can build and edify the Body of Christ (Those called to believe in him.) Many younger believers will have fewer precepts and full understandings. Consequently, the younger in the faith will need occasional counsel and even correction from the more mature.

There are mysteries and mysteries within mysteries only to be revealed in due time. Revelation is progressive and ever deepening as His truth is being revealed by God's Holy Spirit in God's time.

Progressive Revelation, Yes or No?

It is clear in reading prophetic writings that God has withheld (sealed from access) certain matters because it is not yet His time to make them known. The mystery of the 'Church Age' was hidden to all Old Testament prophets and remained latent until it was revealed to Paul by the resurrected Jesus. Details concerning the resurrection were not known until after the apostolic age. Certain matters dealing with the end of the age was sealed from Daniel. John who recorded The Revelation was told in Revelation Chapter 10:4; that which was delivered to him at the utterances of the seven thunders was to be sealed until the time of the end. Contrary to what some would assert, not all the knowledge or answers (facts) are revealed. God has a time and sequence to complete his plan are for The Church, for Israel and for the world. As God said to Daniel and to John in Revelations, go your way, these matters are to be 'sealed' and be revealed in a time yet to come. Paul encourages us that the day will come when that which was hidden and seen in a darkened mirror will some day be clear.

Matthew 16:16 But who say ye that I am?
Jesus asks his disciples, "Who do you say that I am?" Peter, answers and says, "You are the Messiah, the son of the Living God. " Jesus then tells Peter, "- - - Flesh and blood have not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in heaven. This is an example of how we receive knowledge of hidden things,

1Corinthians 2:0 - -"Eye has not seen nor ear heard, neither has entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for those that love him. 10: But God has revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searches all things, yes, the deep things of God. 11. For man knows the things of a man, save the Spirit of man which is in him? Even so the things of God, know man knows, but the Spirit of God.

Introduction to Bible Mysteries

The Bible, Word of God, is not an ordinary book. It is divinely inspired or more correctly, divinely authored. The word has an informational component, but more importantly it has a revelatory component. The word translated as "Word" has two forms in original Greek text. The Logos and the Rhema. The Logos pertains to the sum of the recorded word, the total counsel of God or the mind of God in its sum and its character. It may also be said that the Logos pertains to the Law of God. The Rhema is the word which means "spoken" or voiced, the Rhema component is the portion of the Word which is God breathed in the present moment. It is the voice of God which speaks spiritually to the mind and heart of the reader, or in this case "the hearer".


True hearing is a spiritual process. The Spirit of God releases us to hear. The human ears are not the organ for spiritual hearing. The scripture says, "Man can not live by bread only, but by every word, (Rhema) which proceeds from the mouth of God. " It is God himself who governs this flow of his revelation into the hearts (an organ of inner knowing) of the hearer and this by an act of Grace. Even understanding is through the Grace of God.

Though for some this Grace appears absent to many who pick up the Scriptures to read casually, it is available to those who ask for it humbly in faith. It would be presumptuous, however, to assume that we are automatically entitled to it. It is equally presumptuous to assume we may understand or comprehend the mystery of the Word with only the natural mind. Again the apostle Paul reminds us, "the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life."(2Corinthians 3:6) The Holy Spirit is He who God has sent to teach all things which are from Christ and God. As I stated, I am only one commentator, and do not pretend to be the only person who has received this understanding and doctrine for God is without partiality without 'respect of persons. ' He will reveal Himself to any who seek Him.

Judge the words and spirit of any who profess to speak of/for God. You the reader or hearer must judge these words against the Logos, the written Scripture, the whole counsel of God. Then there is the inner witness; the AMEN of God is the FAITHFUL WITNESS. The knowledge of God is free to all. But, the knowledge of God is hidden or veiled until the veil is removed by the Spirit of Christ Jesus. We who are of the faith may say, "I was once blind, but now I see" (read, John Chapter 9.)

Here is an introduction to essential


Many doctrines remain untaught or unrealized by nominal Christians, today. Yet, the teachings here  are not esoteric or so-called "occult." Truths in the Bible are veiled until the HOLY SPIRIT reveals these truths to a believer. It remains apparent that all who read the Bible do not apprehend the same doctrines or truths. Christian sects differ on what are the principle doctrines of the Bible because of the interpretation and understandings that they are guided to believe. {Links are found at top of page}

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