Do I need talent?  
No you can do VERY GOOD art by learning the skills required and working with  

Is Art Easy?  
The Arts are personal performances. Good performances are always a challenge. Art requires positive mental and emotional involvement and attitudes.  

Is art mostly about having fun?  
A teacher's job is not so much about providing entertainment to students, but sharing insights that will help you grow in creative skills which are called "The Arts."   Most people do find that art is recreational but art has depth and challenges. Art teaches a lot of important things which can be used in life.  

What are some of those valuable lessons that art teaches?  

1. The arts focus on you the individual. Art values your ideas and your experiences and your abilities to produce things which can last for years and continue to express you.  

2. Art builds thinking and imagining skills. Art requires imagination and the ability to come up with many possible ideas. Called brain storming or divergent thinking. People who are in charge of things and are leaders have this ability.  

3. Art teaches about care and precision and values skills in many techniques  

4. Art requires ideas, planning and follow through to finish work sometimes using a deadline. These are very valuable life skills.  

What is the most important thing to remember so that I can have a good experience doing art?  

Art is really a learning experience. You will be shown a lot of "creative tools" and learn new ways of communicating using a visual language. It will take some time to make the adjustment and learn the language and appreciate the challenges of art. Personally, try to be a pleasant and cooperative individual. Think about others. Have a positive attitude. Consider that the information and experience you gain today is actually worth something.  

What is Your Teacher's Role in Art Instruction  

To stimulate creative problem solving skills  
To encourage work that meets high standards  
To encourage you to become visually aware of common things  
To encourage new methods and ideas  
To encourage respect for the Arts as a part of culture.  
To help build an awareness of the many parts and challenges of the Creative Process  

Your role in an Art classroom  

Respect your teacher and fellow classmates  
Try to receive comments or suggestions positively  
Learn to work with CARE  
Develop new skills working with art materials  
Keep an open mind to be open to new ideas  
Think about, exercise and  explore new concepts,  
Check out ideas in Library investigate the great artists  
Use resources especially the internet to access pictures and museums  

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