"What value is art to me?
I'll never use art!"

Art is not just about making pictures, drawing or painting. Art is a complex collection of thought processes and physical skills. The end product is something that requires a personal focus and involvement with the work.
Art requires observation and attention to details. How many job situations require some observation skills and attention to detail? Just about any job requires this. You may not notice detail, color, texture, or the effects of light and shadow without some practice.
Designing is planning ahead. In everyday situations you will make a plan and follow through with that plan. Planning ahead for a certain goal is a form of design.
Experimentation brings new discovery. Experimentation is a natural learning process. It is also a large part of self discover and creative growth. You experiment to find a personal best way.
Learning how to follow directions and apply the guidelines. Will you ever be asked to listen carefully or follow procedures which have been demonstrated? Most likely any job will have its own list of instructions.
Organization for a' look' or a feeling of harmony. When you organize your room or house and try to make it more attractive you are thinking of order, arrangement and harmony.
Your every day world has many details which one can notice or miss entirely. A trained observer can tell you about the exciting details and discoveries that are hidden to those who just don't look carefully enough.
Every magazine, newspaper, Book, Video or TV production is designed by profession artists. Every ad which flashes across your television screen is been designed to the most minute detail down to fractions of a second with light, color, text and action. These are designed to get results or persuade.
The ability to dream and imagine is the heart of creativity. Each person has some longing within them to be someone. Creativity relates to being able to view many possible choices and scenarios and choose the best of these. Coming up with many plans or ideas is called "brainstorming". This is a skill you will be called upon to use.
To work with care and craftsmanship. Let's face it any place you work and everything you do will require your best and most careful efforts. Sloppy or unskilled work performance will result in a consequence. These consequences are not good.


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