Design and Composition
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Lessons and Examples

Class Room Models to Draw

Art Achievement Standard Challenges

Design or Composition Principles

Design Concept:  Achieve "Pattern"

Positive and Negative Design
(Figure and field.)


Turn 2 Dimensional forms  into 3 Dimensional forms

Perspective using vanishing points

Design Ideas
Imagination and Fantasy 
 Skills - Tools in Art Production: Lists of Art Skills
Principles of Composition,
Elements of Design
3 Creative Tasks in the Creative Process
Cropping: Finding a Picture inside a Picture
Detail, The Little Things that Make Art Interesting
Primary Breakup - Visual Picture Content
Looking and Responding to Art
Evaluating Art Quality
Independent Art Guidelines
Narrative Art Pictures that tell stories
Sketch book Assignments
Self Rating Your Own Skills
Art Appreciation Responding to Art
Images of Flowers

 Samples of Still Life

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