A Rap Thang

Walking in the Garden in the cool of the day
Hoping for my Jesus come and bless me in my way;
Hoping I'll be still and hear His still small voice
Basking in his beauty till my lips rejoice.
And I'll see the west a 'pinkin' as I walk His road,
See the hemline of His garment in the rosy glow,
While, in all that solemn stillness, leaps my thankful heart
That He'd let me see His backside as the day departs.

While I'm walking in the garden in the heat of the day,
If I'm talking with my Jesus, all the heat goes away,
And the sweat of heavy labor leaves my fevered brow
I can feel his cooling shadow on me even now
And He takes my burdens on Him, takes my ache away
And a rush of Joy comes o'er me,
I am strong and young and gay.

Lingering in the Garden in the darkness of the night,
Awed by all the singing of the stars in sight
Meteors go blazing and the night birds call
His Heavens declare His Glory
He IS all in all.

Walking in the Garden as the first light comes
Jupiter and Venus hail the risen Son
And their lesser lights grow pallid
As His Splendor builds
Hushed is all the Garden
as the Son lights up the hills.

And among the morning Glories, all the blossoms welcoming
I stand and drink His story,
drink His Glory beaconing,
And my heart leaps with thanksgiving And my spirit soars with joy
That Hed walk, my gentle Jesus
With His wayward boy.

Walking with my Jesus, may it ever be my lot,
Never once forgetting all the things His blood has bought
Never once ignoring His Great Holiness and Awe.
Walking in the Garden with my All in All.


(March 21, 2007) Gene Pinkney