Hail to the Chief

On the twelfth of the twelfth of Y2K
Young George emerged from Florida Bay
His hair confettied with dangling chads
He mounted a chair much like his dad's
And free from battle
And covered by gore
He spoke to a nation all tired from the war
Surrounded by Texans and troopers and press
He spoke to the people and told them, "Yes,"
There would be new hope for a bright day to come
When partisanship would turn up dumb
And good men unite in their nation's behalf
Under banners of Love and God's comforting staff,
And the dream of the Fathers would be realized
In a Brave New Nation reborn from the skies."
So Prince George, take your seat,
'Neath the Eagle and shield
And long may you justly our scepter wield,
God Bless us, this nation, each daughter and son
May the Blessing of Liberty crown every one
That the goal of the Savior might be manifest
And a new breath of freedom sweep over the West.
So Hail to the chief, and may peace crown his reign
And may never such conflict divide us again.

Gene Pinkney, on the election of 2000

© 2006 May not be copied without attribution