Finally! I'm sitting in a chair

Next to my bed in intensive care.

The pills have stopped my heart from skippin'

Faster than some hippie's trippin'

Now it mainly syncopates,

Does stutter steps and . . . hesitates.

Just two hours more and I'll be free–

No more needles stickin' me,

No more moniters or charts

Ungainly smocks or covert farts

Home! To get on with my life

And drink the love of my sweet wife

Home to watch my own TV

With my sweet lovely nurse, Audrey..

Soon she'll be here and off we'll fly,

Kissing intensive care good-bye.

But, Thanks, Lord for so fine a place

Where sick folks can re-claim your grace,

Get shed of all their misery,

Be nursed and finally set free.

How reassuring, good, and rare

To know we have intensive care.

Dedicated to the great group of drs. nurses, technicians and general staff at Merit Care and St. Francis Hospital in Wahpeton N.D. and Breckenridge Mn.


Gene Pinkney