'Twas the day before Christmas
at Brett Pinkney's house;
Everybody was stirring but squeaky the mouse
Who had dragged his small booty so deep in his hole
He could look out his window at Digfree, the mole.
Both Nathan and Nikki had smiles out to here
In anticipation of Holiday cheer:
For the tree had beneath many magical things
Brightly wrapped up in paper with ribbons and rings,
And the in-laws have come - all the grandpas and grams
To eat turkey and cookies and candy and yams:
There is sweet grandma Audrey and cute grandma Sue
And aunt Lisa whose cameras see all that we do,
And with her, her husband, computer-man, Fitz
Who unfathoms the tangles that give others fits.
And there with remote is the strange Grandpa, Gene
All wrapped in ball games and stuff on the screen,
And watching them all with a wise, wary eye
Is Brett's beautiful Lori with sweet, patient sigh.
And so all are gathered, the yule scene is set
For a fun, festive Christmas without one regret.
And we'll once more thank Jesus, our dear blessed Lord
Whose great gift of Love makes Him highly adored;
For this is His birthday and His Holy Time
May He Bless all who Love Him with Joy most Divine,
So, let us all praise Him, both Father and Son,
And may His Sweet Spirit Bless us-- Every-one.

Papa Gene 12/24/2004

Copyright 2006  Gene Pinkney
No quotes may be used without attribution