To Nathan:
A Prophetic Blessing

My bright, young grand son Nathan is one super splendid guy;

He's handsome and has talents that he draws straight from the Sky

He can swim just like an otter, shoot hoops like a King,

And on video games he can do anything.

He is cute, like his mamma, a hunk like his dad,

And is so even-tempered he seldom gets mad,

He's respectful of elders and very polite

And, at peace with his sister, sleeps sound every night.

For Christmas he got an electric guitar,

And he plays mainly soft songs, no racket or jar.

Soon he'll play it at church to praise sweet Jesus' name;

It's a joy just to watch as each new prize he claims.

Nathan's one of God's favorites: his apple for sure,

For his habits are clean and his young heart is pure,

So it's blessed he will be and well-pleasing to God

As he runs with his feet hardly touching the sod,

And some day he'll fulfill the Lord's plan for his life

Doing great signs and wonders and banishing strife,

So I thank you, Lord Jesus for such a grand son:

Bless him daily and help him each new race to run.

Your Grandpa, Gene