A Blessing from Grandpa
For Nikki, Age Eight

Here's to my grand daughter,

Sweet Nicolette

The beautiful treasure of

Lori and Brett

Whose cheek bares the hue of the fresh-tinted dawn

When the first flush of morning

Just Kisses the Lawn.

Her eyes sparkle, blue as the clear mid-May skies

For her young tender years

She is modest and wise

For the Good Lord has blessed her

With grace and good wit,

She is learning to sew and delighting in it.

And one shy young man

In her class at Maido

Does secretly love her, but can't tell her so

So he envies the sun as it kisses her hair

And writes her love poems he's longing to share

But too shy to tell her, to young to be bold--

Some day he will write and his young love unfold.

So know, Nicolette, you are very much loved

By parents and classmates and Jesus above:

Walk with joy, pretty Nikki,

And laugh through your days

And may God's love go with you

in all of your Ways.


Grandpa Gene