A Reverie:
A Dharma Daydream

I dreamed that I awoke in Hindu heaven

Swimming in an immense and teeming sea

And every drop was conscious of the others

And all the other drops were aware of me.


Many souls were there but none had any body

Just essence floated by: now rat, now king

And there were goats and with them uncle Roddy

Along with other swimmers paddling.


Monkeys and oak trees, meal worms, sharks and germs

Mingled with seers, czars and alchemists.

But not one could be seen in earthly form;

One had to sense each essence in the mist.


Nay, in my little swim thru new-age heaven,

I never saw one long-lost friend of mine.

And that is why I think I'm shaking seven

To keep my faith in Jesus on the climb.


See, He's got a mansion built for me in Heaven

Where I can invite all who happen by

And each will have a brilliant human body,

That anyone who looks can recognize.


Yes, I' invite, Oh? . . . everyone I've joyed with,

And know each loving visitor that calls.

My Carpenter can build a trillion oners

Have you seen His galaxies and water falls?


If He made all this fallen earth's great wonders,

How hard for Him would such a heaven be?

He'd need but speak and it would BE like thunders

In ideal form and perfect symmetry


And all His children there would be immortal

Each in full beauty, breath-taking to see

The rarest things here there would be quite common

We' d walk on gold and sing in perfect key.


So I think I' leave the sea the Yogis pain for

And keep my lovely home in paradise

Yes, I' trade the cosmic ocean of the gurus;

I think my little mansion will suffice.


So thank you, Abba, Daddy, thanks for Jesus

My Lord, my brother and my loving king

Who took my sin and that of every other

And nailed them to His cross. It's He I sing.


I' sing His praise today because He loves me

Even though I drifted once, lost in sin's sea

But I was rescued from those deep confusions

And given back my life in spite of me.


All that I had to do was call on Jesus;

I called and He reached out and took my hand,

And now I try each day to sing His praises

And hope that others lost will understand.



Gene Pinkney



Copyright 2006 Gene Pinkney
No quotes may be used without attribution