2019 Additions)

The author who endeavored to master fishing
remembers and reminenisces upon his fishing colleagues
who wet their lines in the vicinity of  Hartford beach on
Bigstone Lake

"Coach", Eric, an animated and illuminating spirit who made a difference in a world of pain and darkness, has graduated to his high reward.

A poet lives many chapters in his life and leaves a trace of them behind in Verse.
In the earlier days, this writer eased into poetry
with a few tries which were,
as it were, less than stellar.

Ken Hanson, a young man with a knack for fixing things.
A mechanical genius you could count on.

The North Dakota State School of Scienc, NDSCS
graduated a host of worthy dental technicians
who, in reality, 'know the tooth.'

Some young men are natural athletes.
They are such a marvel of physical coordination and athleticism
that when see them in action, we know that they will go far in any sport they choose. Jerry Reddig from this community was one of these.