Remembering Eric Paul Gulbranson
Eulogy for "The Coach" at LARC, Lexington Prison

Passing the Graveyard
by Andrew Young
Our Thoughts Turn to Matters Eternal

Katherine Cater, Eulogy
Catherine Cater, Passing at age 98


On The Murder of Clemente Pinckney

Salute to the Chief
A Commemorative to Woody Keeble

Morgan Kjer Remembered

For Betsy R

Bob Kurtz Eulogy

Allan Kurtz Remembered

Charles Pinkney Retires

Elegy to Peta

For Grace Williams

For Soc Glasrud at 92

For Vernon Hektner

For Owen Jensen

Spillings from Fullness
A song for Rufus Bellamy

Prayer for Julie Garcia

To Nicolette, A Blessing

For Margaret Dohman

Farewell to Mary Lepp

Lathan West

Pat Goggins, The Welcomer

A Letter to Abby

Joanna 1 Joanna Revisited

Joanna 2, Joanna, 4th Grade

Joanna 3, The Snowball

Salud A Madre
A Thankyou to His Mother

For Conrad Jordheim

For Jean Evenstad

A Toast to Warren

To Roland Dille

A Valediction For Baby Ava


For Fern Ward

To Young Nathan

Fishing Trips Now and Then

For Theresa

For Ester Schultz

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