Gene Pinkney
2022 Articles and Additions


Most Of The Titles in This Listing Were Written in 2022

A Good Choice to Avoid

Audrey, Better Understood

Autumn Reveries, The Perfect Excursion

Catherine Cater, In Memoriam

Death and Life, In the Power of the Tongue!

Driving Issues and Money Saving Fixes

Enduring Time's Relentless Assaults

For Norma Nosek, A Rose

Forgiveness, The Hardest Commandment

Freedom, Two Views, Liberty and License

Going Out In Grand Style

Good News, Bad News and God News

Heart Inplants and the Ultimate Transplant

Insights Into the Utopian Pleasure Doctrine

Is Your God a Good Guy or a Bad Guy?

The Keys to the Kingdom

Matchless Gifts; The Gift of Sleep

May Be or May Not Be

Midsummer, Good Signs and Omens

New Notes on the Ancient Book of Job

Notes On the World as Light

Some Observations That Are Giving Me Pause

Obsession With "The New" Brings Unfortunate Choices

Of Happy Endings and Heavenly Destinations

Once More For Nostalgia's Sake

Other Outings With Warren

Popular Hit Songs That Could Have Been Hymns

Redemption is The Real Sign of Hope

Religion Hypes Performance

Savings You Should All Know and Ponder

Shiner Fishing Comes Through for Big Walleye

Some Thoughts and Insights Into Praise

Staying Thankful In Troubled Times

Teaching Under Jim Kroshus at Walcott High

Time to Tell It On The Mountain

Tithing, The Most Unpopular Doctrine in Christendom

Using the Weapons of Our Warfare

Why Do Christian Converts Keep Sinning?