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Every Believer Becomes a Disciple -
Matthew 28:19

As many that have received the gift, minister it to one another,
as good stewards of the manifold Grace of God

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How all believers may receive
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Discipleship 5

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Expectations and Guidelines
for Christian Fellowship & Worship

The form of Christian fellowship and worship which I describe here may be very different from your traditional religious experiences. It is virtually unknown in contemporary denomination churches. It is nonetheless entirely Scriptural, modeled after the Teachings of Paul in all his epistles.

Koinonia (fellowship) is the hallmark of the Christian gathering

Unlike Biblical koinonia that were usually home meetings, the traditional church experience that we see everywhere in denominational Christianity lacks little more than token participation among the body of believers. This familiar form of denominational Christianity is guided and controlled by credentialed leaders or overseers who are generally called the priests or pastors.
The Ek-kles-si'-a (Greek word translated church) might be translated "called out assembly" consists of a relatively small group of professing and Holy Spirit empowered believers. These believers meet to regularly to share and participate in the active life of and interaction with God. Such sharing is exercised with openness and liberty.

The the essential aim of the gathering consists of transacting life of the Kingdom of God; of sharing food, making prayer, offering praise, bringing forth teachings, testimonies, psalms, spiritual songs, prophetic revelations and in celebration of the cup and bread of the Lord. Such gatherings are mostly democratic with a good deal of freedom to express whatever the Holy Spirit is pleased to do in that time. We can presume based on all the truth of Scripture noted elsewhere in these texts that each believer has a place, a gift and a essential role to play in the Kingdom of God. The Lord Jesus is the rule and the authority of any Ecclessia. Where the body gathers Christ Jesus is the invited and welcomed participant.


  1. To be: United in Spirit and purpose - knowing the reality of Jesus as Savior; and having fellowship with God our Father through Him and giving glory to God. After any person is reborn spiritually, they become part of one heavenly family who share the "gift of God." To continue to be United in Spirit - The same Spirit that is in Christ Jesus.

  2. For the body in fellowship to continue to grow (be edified) in knowledge of truth (Holy Bible is the guide)

  3. To be bound in mutual love and acceptance. The spirit of Love denotes we are Christians.

  4. To seek God's manifested presence corporately. (Seeking and activating His kingdom to be manifested on earth)

  5. To recognize and invite the Holy Spirit to empower, lead and guide; to reveal Jesus.

  6. To value and build from the unique gifts and abilities that the Holy Spirit of God has given to each believing disciple. (our brothers and sisters)

  7. To follow the "Gatekeeper", shepherd, or the head of the home, who is practiced in following the Holy Spirit in an orderly way.

  8. For all to discern and guard against spiritual pitfalls, against against disunity; To guard against the expression of any wrong spirit -- anger, prejudice, suspicion, jealousy that will "grieve" the Holy Spirit.

  9. To see to it: That all things serve to edify and build each believer kindly with liberty in the Holy Spirit.
    Doctrinal purity must employ the whole counsel of God, The Word of God. (Scripture) Scripture is used for instruction in Godliness, correction and reproof thus it is the proper authority when contending for correct doctrine.

The Scriptural model of intimate corporate fellowship (Koinonia) is found in 1 Corinthians, Chapters 12, 14; 1 Peter 4:10-11


The Spiritual Life - Learning Christ
"Be Ye Imitators of Christ as dear Children."

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