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In the book called the Revelation, the last book in the New Testament, we see how God begins to restore the fallen world to its previous perfect state. The Bible beginning with the writing of Genesis, details events and persons and their roles at the beginning of God's worldly creation. Genesis is the study of "first things." We see in the beginning the fall of man and judgment of not only the human race but the imposition of a "curse" upon the entire natural world.

Spiritual personages are detailed as having brought about this fall from the glorious to the inglorious; from the blessed of God to the cursed. Satan, the deceiver, outcast from heaven, brings about the downfall of humanity and becomes the defacto "god of this world." We learn in Genesis of the birth of nations from the earliest progenitors. Later, through Abraham we are shown the establishment of a righteous line who will be responsible for the reestablishment of the "Kingdom of God" upon the earth.

Revelation which is a vast and interesting study in itself, begins to open our eyes to the revelation of who Jesus, Jeshua the Messiah, really is and what his place will be in the reconstituted earthly world. Revelation, reveals that at the end of the age, things which were stolen and acursed once again shall be restored into an eternal peaceable kingdom.

I have put together a list of terms or attributes that characterize the fallen world. The New Testament referance to "world" is referred to in the Greek as Cosmos. Cosmos being the system and structure under which this world functions. In my graphic I label these two worlds as the natural world, and the heavenly realm. This world consists of all things in the natural. We can think of it as " this present age." Heaven of course is another kind of world. We can call it the kingdom of heaven; the realm of the perfect; or God's world.

God has made provision for those who he redeems to become partakers of the heavenly. How much seems to very a great deal. One factor that has a bearing is the act of Grace that brings a natural human being into salvation. The power of God through the gospel brings forth a rebirth (regeneration) of a fallen spirit to a reborn spirit. This is an act of Grace (see term and commentary in the search block on the index page.) I have written a lot about this miraculous event. It is the Holy Spirit that can give us revelation and some experience of the heavenly. But we must be reminded as the Apostle has stated, that we see in part, know in part, prophesy in part. We see through a glass that is very cloudy but one day we will have full vision of this perfect kingdom.



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