If I were to scupt you
with anything but clay,
I would use the
prettiest things in
the world,

Like the songs of
the birds,
the melody so sweet
it tames even
the hardest heart;

Or the magnificent
just a glimpse of
the colors takes
your breath away.

Even the rose,
such a dangerously
delicate display of

Is this random
medium thrown
together a good

But despite what
things I found to
my perfect
sculpture could
No, not ever
compare to you.




~Dream of Dreams~

As I slip further within myself into silent sleep,
that entrancing dream fills my head night after night.
A perfect dream I yearn to always keep:
the "Dream of Dreams" I say!

It is a perfect dream; a dream of You held high.
I saw myself running exhaustively indeed,
Going nowhere, tears filling the void as I cry.
Yearning to catch my fall, understanding the need;
Save me from myself oh Lord, I scream out in pain.
This perfect dream of dreams we meld as one, together.
Trapped deep inside myself, never able to be free
Without you, all is worth nothing;

Your power and might setting the stage,
am I worthy of your grace?
Before we became, you were here age after age.
To dream of you, I can only imagine
what lay in store for me, only you know;
I cry out for freedom, "Save me from this darkness Lord!"

Trapped facing certain demise, mirroring all who came before,
Reflections of old guiding the way, blinded by sin,
Engrained throughout this empty shell deep to the core.

As I dream this dream of dreams,
I see far away your silhouette of light, I run faster to you,
tripping over my demeanor, I fall again.
I look for you, but further away you move it seems,
I knew I must crawl like a child with innocent hope.

As I dream this perfect dream, you reached down from heaven,
gently lifting me to my feet, then I heard your voice.
My answer would ever suffice, unworthy me,
yet you lift me up as I crawled like a child, giving me a choice.

I listened to those powerful words with glee,
because however sinful I may be,
You were always there for me,
now I know, I understand-finally
this was never a dream at all,
but true reality.