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Mary Pinkney Parnell

Mary Ellen (Pinkney) Parnell, an Associate Professor of English and Humanities at NDSC in North Dakota, taught the Bible as Literature for many years in addition to other English and literature classes. She is a veteran teacher of 40 years. In addition to teaching, she has taken several trips to Israel and has earned post graduate credits from the Biblical Archaeology Society. She was also a Council of the Arts Humanities Scholar and Lecturer. Her advanced English degree was in Medieval Literature with a concentration on Chaucer.

Tough Biblical Topics
by Mary Pinkney Parnell

How to read the Bible, PDF

How to read the Bible, html

The Word of Faith and The New Age

Dominion Theology Part I
Orthodoxy or Heresy?

Dominion Theology Part II:
The Demonic Doctrine of Replacement Theology in Lynn Hiles'
”The Revelation of Jesus Christ from a Modern Prophet"

Domionion Theology Part III
Red Flags and Spiritual Abuse

Dominion Theology Part IV
Secrets in the Church – pdf Reader

Secrets in the Church - pdf

Feedback, Reader Reviews and Responses

Reader Reviews and Responses

Typology of The Ancient Jewish Wedding
(a picture of the rapture)
Typology of Jewish Wedding -
Its implication for Christian Believers

Clarifying the Rapture from the Second Coming
As Revealed in Epistles to the Thessalonians

Not Appointed to Wrath

Not Appointed to Wrath



You Are There, Meet Bible Characters

Face to Face With Bible Personalities

Christian Support of Israel

Why Christians Should Support Israel

Terrorism: Israel’s Problem and the World’s.

Samaria: A Prophecy Fulfilled

"Weep Jerusalem"

How I Became a Zionist
A Spiritual Odyssey

The World of Terrorism
The USA Just Doesn't Get It

Relative to Israel and Terrorism

Israel National News

The Palestinian Watch Organization

A Timeline of Hezbollah Violence


Jesus the Messiah
by Alfred Edersheim

Our Jerusalem
By Bertha Spafford Vester

O Jerusalem
by Larry Collins and Dominque La Pierre

From Time Immemorial
by Joan Peters

American Jihad
by Steve Emerson

The Mountains of Israel:
The Bible & the West Bank

by Norma Archbold

The Bridge Over the Drina
Ivo Andric

The Exodus
The Haj
Leon Uris

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