1. The Church is Not a Building

mp3 audio of HB 1 (6m,30s)

2. God Has No Grandchildren

mp3 audio of HB 2 (6m,47s)

3. Salvation: A Before and After Scenario

mp3 audio of HB 3 (6m.47s)

4. Compare Intelligence, Wisdom and Understanding

mp3 of HB 4 (6m .32s)

5. Our Roots and Our Gratitude to The Jewish Faith

mp3 audio of HB 5 (6m.8s)

 6. A Pilgrim's Progress

mp3 audio of HB 5 (7m 52s)

7. What Is This World Coming To?

mp3 audio of HB 7 (9m 03 s)

8. Some Character Named Satan

Audio MP3, HB 8: 13m 45s

9A. The Power of God Part 1
The Missing Ingredient in Faith
HB 9a - Mp3 9m23s

9B. The Power of God Part 2
The Anointing versus Performance
How to Recognize God's Hand At Work
HB 9B Mp3 - 6m 58s

10. 5 Notable Scriptures
Which 5 would you choose and why?

12. See To It You Are Not Deceived!
Matthew 24:4; Luke: 21:8:
Christ's Admonition to His Disciples
HB_12-pt. 1 MP3 - 6m 08s
HB_12-pt. 2 MP3 - 6m 19s

13. The Mystery of Regeneration
The First Work of the Holy Spirit
An Undertaught Bible Doctrine
HB_13_Regeneration MP3 - 7m 10s


Updated: January 11, 2021