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Poems of Human Nature

Eric Remembered
July 2018

Fish PRey

Lament From The Womb

To Caroline on her Birthday

Soliloquy From The Shelf

Escape Artist







FISH PREY (1967)

Dedicated to my brother Gene and inspired by a work of art that showed a creature whose bottom half was a knight in armor and whose top half was a giant fish head.

Behold the fishknight

Driven by some inscrutable instinct

To the moonwater’s edge.

From the shallows

Might he spy a merman,

Casting its steak-baited line

To the shore?



Like the wind you go your way;

I cannot catch you,

Though I would keep you by my side,

You want to fly.

You lite For a moment

Like a butterfly;

I would capture you, enjoy your beauty

But I would bruise your silky wings,

And so for love, I give you liberty.


How eagerly my heart awaits

Your form within the door:

Silver set on soft brown skin,

Ringlets tipped in gold,

Spicy fragrance in the air,

Your voice so bright and bold,

Your witty ways,

Your firm, green gaze.

A longing in me pleads for you to stay.


And though you’ve left the home,

There is within my womb

A spirit cord connecting you to me.

Thought you might wish to sever, it cannot; no not ever;

A part of me is what you’ll always be.



Half my life yours.

My finish is dulling,

But I was once fine,

My form, my design,

The object of your admiration and pride.

You took me down and showed me round,

I was a conversation piece,

And you the envy of others

For my possession.

Dressed in flowers, their fragrance filling the air,

You loved me more for it,

Your life made richer, fuller.

Two years apart.

You are diverted with other distractions.

Seldom do you take me down,

Your fingers to trace my form

In awe of art unique.

No longer do I catch your eye,

Though I could still speak beauty to your life.

I stand alone accumulating dust,

My luster lost,

My voice unheard.



Daughter of Zion

With spirit so bold

Ever the strong one

Who’ll never say no.

Undaunted, though hindered,

She will never admit

To defeat; it’s not in her;

She’ll never say quit.

Faith has given her vision;

She won’t be denied;

On wings of a promise,

She rises and flies.

Incense of prayer

Ascends to Heavenly places;

Intercession for others

Is one of her graces.

In sowing for others,

She too will reap,

For victory in Jesus

Is ever so sweet.

In praise she will sing

In delight of her soul,

As in a moment of glory,

She’s completely made whole.





At the end of each day,

He sits in the dark

With only the tv on,

Solitude his mistress,

Whom he courts the whole night long.

Rapt in a box in his brain,

He passes like a shadow,

stealthily silent,

… Not even the floor creaks…

Dreading to have to speak.

Relationship is rough on him,

Too much of a strain to venture

beneath the surface;

Too much of a pain to know my heart

Or share






Could it be

Some memory

Stashed in secret

Deep inside

Seeped out?

A longing, wistful something

For something forced forgotten,




DIARIES (1981)

I used to write in diaries;

They were not books but friends,

The confidents of my confessions:

No stones unturned,

No secrets undisclosed;

Every word a working

Of the hidden heart of me,

Surreptitiously recorded

in dedicated rituals of dawn and dusk.


DUKE (06)

He’s sitting in the sunshine

In the early morning dew;

Upon the hill he keeps a watch

For signs of me and you.

He sits just like a statue,

His gaze so firm and steady.

I know what he is thinking,

“Is my breakfast ready?”



The hopeless one cries from sun to sun,

“They have wronged me,

Don’t you see?”

Black words pour forth from his lips;

From his heart, his anger rips.

He needs to be set free.

The perverse tongue spews Hatred,

bitterness, abuse;

The peaceful heart pants,

Pierced and wounded.

Oil and water, they don’t blend;

Peace and anger can’t be friends;

North and south are ever ends.

The wounded one with lips of wrath

Will never tread the lilied path.



PERIL (2012)

Longing for independence

And only yesterday a child,

But blood boils within you;

You run careless, wild.

Carefree dreamer!

You aren’t aware of snares

Set to capture you and cut you,

Even as you dare.

Sowing wild oats?

Oh, but they reap a harvest;

Sometimes you combine a lifetime.

Wisdom takes wings

As Curiosity cunningly sets traps;

Seducing roses prick you,

And you bleed for years.

The hunter hunts the precious life,

But you frolic,

Unaware of his arrow

Aimed straight toward you,

Mindless, as you dare.