Writings of Edie Klyve

Miracle Maker (2018)

Two Songs (1986)

The Overcomer (1986)

Miracle in the Shepherd's Field

Easter Song (1983)

Prayer to Love (2009)

Time Runs (2003)

Prayer to the Sun (2012)

Christmas Poem (2003)

Captive (2002)

To Golgotha (1999)

Dearth (1991)







Oh my Carpenter, build me.

Level me;

Plane me;

Put me together.

Work the wonders of Your skill

So I will not break but hold together

Through Time’s toll.

Oil me;

Shine me Till You see Your face in me.

Make me a miracle of Your workmanship.



( a song written in 1986)

When sorrows surround

And troubles abound, I set my feet on higher ground,

A firm foundation,

A solid rock

In whose shelter I hide,

Where my faith abides.

Storm waves crash against this rock,

But it will not be moved.

I hide within its hallowed cleft

Which ever has been proved

A steadfast stronghold, abode of love,

Source of strength from Heaven above.


So what care I

Though fiery darts fly

And sorrows lie

In wait to beset me;

I set my eyes

On the eastern skies,

And Heaven’s hope

Arises within me.


THE OVERCOMER (1986) a song

You know I read how you did your way,

About all the pain and suffering you’ve been through;

How you’ve learned to overcome the obstacles,

How all the credit goes to you.

You’re much admired in the worldly circles,

Receiving great praise and loud acclaim;

There’s always someone who shakes his head in wonder

Of how you rose above the pain.

Well, brother, I wish you’d known my Savior then;

He’d have given you hope

Where there seemed only despair;

He’d have strengthened your faith

To believe for a miracle;

He’d have taken your worries and carried your cares.

Yes, my friend, I wish you’d known my Savior then;

He’d have given you peace

When you rode that storm-tossed sea;

You’d have trusted in Him

To make a way through the trouble;

There’d have been much more laughter,

in spite of the pain.

It’s never too late to get to know my Savior;

He offers forgiveness, His love, and His peace,

He gives us a way to overcome the obstacles;

And all the credit goes to Him;

Yes, all the credit goes to Him.



Miracle in the Shepherd's Field

by Edie Klyve

What was it in that brisk night's air

That stirred their hearts with musings rare,

A feeling of expectancy

That bypassed speech and thought and sight?

A holy hush hung round about

In shepherds' field that night,

While consecrated lambs

Lay still and sweetly slept.

The stars streamed forth with sparkling splendor;

The milky path shone welcoming,

And searching eyes gazed up in wonder

As if to see some special thing;

When suddenly, as breath gave way,

An even greater light display made stars grow faint

And Heaven's glory shone round about,

Bright as the light of day.

The shepherds clung to one another,

Their hearts hammering wild

As an angel calmed them with "Fear not,"

And spoke of a Christ child.

And, as if it couldn't get much better,

The skies began to fill

With myriads of angels

Singing forth these Words that thrill,

"Glory to God in the highest

Peace, good will to all."

The true Lamb of God's now among us,

To each human heart He calls.




There is no price that can be paid

For just one drop my Savior gave.

Far and beyond the value be

What men might give to be set free.

But Jesus shed His blood for me

And did it all full willingly.

He paid redemption’s price in full

That I be saved and be made whole

His body bore the whip and thorns

As He endured the enemy’s scorn:

The Pure defiled; In shame disgraced;

Red drops of love rolled down His face.

The innocent guilty;

The sinless stained;

Borne to a grave that had my name.

But out of Death’s dark cruelty

Arose my Lord in victory,

First fruits of many righteous, He;

The reconciled to the Father, we.

There is no price that can be paid

For just one drop my Savior gave.



In every moment, Lord,

May I live in Your love;

Help me to do so,

Sweet and gentle Dove.

Remind me, Lord, that You’re in every place,

In Nature’s grand

And in the pauper’s hand.

When Want stares through sunken eyes,

Help me to realize

Your love for the one

Who’s not met the Son,

Whose need to be whole

Is both body and soul.

In the harlot’s paint,

In the drunkard’s faint,

Let me hear the cry,

“For these I died.”

Each one from high to low

Reflects your image, though

Mostly marred by sin and stained;

It was for these you bore the pain

Of wrathful whip and tearing thorns.

Yes, every drop of blood that flew

Cried out to us, “For you! For you!”

No greater love has he, it’s said,

Who gives his life for friend;

But how can we fathom,

How can we know

Love that sheds blood

For even a foe?

Thoughts such as these cause me to inquire,

“Have I such a love; have I such a fire,

To reach beyond self, to love in such kind?”

Compassion that deep is so hard to find.

But to give my life before I die,

To that I may aspire, To bend low and lift the load

For another to walk higher,

To see in the other the image of God,

A soul of invaluable worth;

To walk in the flow

Of the love that I know,

For that I’ve been given new birth.

TIME RUNS (2003)

Troubles come; troubles go;

In this world we will have woe.

Time runs straight into the arms of God.

Suns come up; seasons file;

It seems that I was just a child.

Time runs straight into the arms of God.

Another day, another dollar,

Off to school to be His scholar.

Time runs straight into the arms of God.


Days of pinching, days of plenty;

In them all He shows His bounty.

Time runs straight into the arms of God.


The blush of spring, the sere of fall,

Mirrors don't lie; they tell all.

Time runs straight into the arms of God.


Longing to bed, longing for bed;

Fires of passion, coals near dead.

Time runs straight into the arms of God.




Sun in my son

Son in the Sun




Sun in my son:

Light chase darkness,

Reveal the lies.

Rays penetrate the inner core:

To the marrow,

To the bowels,

To the spirit man.

Walk new;

Walk healed;

Walk revealed;

Walk sealed.



Jesus, tender, sweet and mild

Sent from the Father, His holy Child,

To break the power of sin and death

And bring to men His perfect rest.

From common shepherd to mighty king

To all, the promise to redeem;

To tear down walls of Time’s tradition,

To make us one, His sacred mission,

With perfect love and perfect grace,

To tread the earth in Adam’s place,

To pay the price to reconcile us

To the Father, Him so glorious;

So that on Earth and in Heaven above,

We are His family, ruled by His love,

Walking as those spilling His light

In a world of darkness, stars shining bright,

Showing the Way, the Truth and the Life,

Jesus the Savior, in Whom we delight.


CAPTIVE (2002)

Feeble flesh!

I am your unwilling captive.

My spirit would thrust through you

Into unseen holy dimension!

Depths of Heaven call to depths of earth.

My spirit cries, “Here, Lord, here am I.”

I hear Your voice calling to me.

“I’m coming, Lord!”

I hear You at the latch.

“I’m coming, Lord!”

My heart melts at Your tantalizing nearness;

I strain towards the door with sodden dream legs,

Desperately longing to open, yet,

Without resource of strength.

Please! Please don’t go away!

If the door is locked, break in!

Break in, Beloved, break in!

Break in and break me out!

TO GOLGOTHA (1999, inspired by a vision)

Upon Golgotha’s brow that day

A three-pronged diadem was laid;

At center point, amidst a pearl,

A ruby fair did ray,

Which fired by celestial light,

Its crimson hue cast left and right

To grace the two less perfect stones

On either side attending.

Odd, that death should be so crowned,

Which has no life to live,

Nor martial pomp, nor proud display,

Nor pardons e’re to give.

Did you think that you did reign

As ruler on that day?

In killing earth’s most precious Son,

Did you think you wouldn’t pay?

And what audacious thought

Made you believe the lie

That you, in your vainglorious strength,

Could actually kill Life?

No Life it was that stole your crown

As well your victory!

For knew you not that on that day

YOU lay beneath HIS feet?

Yes, as His blood dripped on your brow,

It signaled your defeat.

Twas Life that flowed in reddened streams

Upon your cheeks so sallow.

'Twas Life that tore your sentence up,

Permitting hope to follow,

And Life will serve your bitter cup

Which steals all your tomorrows.

DEARTH (1991)

Tradition lumbers down each aisle,

His mantle proud, a pious shroud;

His eulogizing rings off key,

As well harmonious liturgy;

As meditations mute the air,

And silence fills the void of prayer,

Hearts sit locked in dull response

Weighted by the world’s care;

And Learning vaunts and puffs itself

With stuff acquired off dusty shelves

While Truth stands at the door;

Slow, strangling grip of scrutiny

Steals Life in its simplicity,

As souls depart still wanting more.

(inspired by studying Donne and Herbert)