Writings of Edie Klyve

Poems Inspired by Nature

Goodness (2012)

Sunflowers at Morning (1972)

Summer Sky (1979)

August (1992)

Night Romance (2004)

Quenched (2015)

Fog (1969)

Prairie Awakening (1990)

Dove (1969)

Sacred Dance (2012)











From the earthy patch

comes green goodness.

Gather the slim fruit,

Wash and cut.

They simmer in the pan

With onions,

Pleasingly pungent,

Mouth watering;

And buxom beets

bleed at the cut.

Anticipation of first fruits,

My delight.


I passed a field of sunflowers by;

Each head faced the eastern sky.

In reverential beauty bright,

Golden greeting golden light.

Not one head faltered, no not one.

In worshipful obedience, they met the Sun,

As if to acknowledge the Source of their name,

That warm Heart, for their fiery mane.




The sky is a wonder to my eyes, A cosmic clock to hypnotize:

Wispy, whirling, feathery, swirling,

Wafting white on blue;

My mind is lost in you.

You’re changing, new on new.

Gossamer sharks and dragons’ wings,

Slips and swirls and silvery things,

The sun mist filtering through.

My heart is lost in you.

You’re changing, new on new.



AUGUST (1992)

These are the vintage days of summer,

Rich with the flow of life.

Earth’s green is deepest now, her shade so thick and cool.

The bush by my step is berry-laden,

And the windfalls in the neighbor’s yard

Lie fermenting in the sun,

Infusing the air with their undistilled wine.

The squirrel in the ash tree scoulds,

A droning fly darts by.

Now I catch the perfume of the patio’s purple petunias,

Their royal depth enhanced by the pale impatiens

Surrounding them like loyal subjects.

Friendly neighbors, the hollyhocks,

Lean over the alley fence

While sentinel marigolds in broad, gold helmets

Man the garden’s perimeter,

Unbroken in their ranks.

Could these full-bodied days be bottled

And placed upon a shelf,

I’d take one down during January’s grip

And drink to Winter’s health.




Magical moonlight

Threading through bending branches

Enchanting my heart



Curtains of silvery striations

Hang shimmering from the eaves.

“Shhh,” the rain comforts Earth

Which blackens in grateful response,

And uncertain spring greens

Now bravely respond, bold and bright.

Drink, thirsty Earth.

It’s your time of rebirth.

Rejoice in Heaven-sent shower

Investing its primal power in you.

Renew, renew, renew.


FOG (1969)

Fog, Earth’s fickle lover,

Lolls leisurely on her breast,

Kisses her face with cool, moist lips,

And abandons her as she rests.



In dewfog morning

Heady with hayscent

Day dawns in silent serenity.

A tractor combs the field.

Above, a lone hawk lilts upon a breeze,

As the regal sun slips the hazy horizon,

A golden, gauzy shimmer,

Her diluted rays reaching north and south

To embrace the sleep-eyed earth,

While gray, glory-tufted clouds wait in attendance.

Dream tree islands float on the misty prairie sea,

Disguising fertile fields in foggy white.


DOVE (1969)

In the tranquility of twilight

Through the whispering of wind and leaves

Sounds the soft coo of the mourning dove.

First near…then far,

Echoing, like the memory of some past love,

A sad, sweet song, repeating itself

Through the pathways of my mind.




Air ballet

Blow and sway

Joyfully twirling away

Now floating, now lilting

Now daringly dive

Ecstatically spinning

Enjoying the ride

To the welcoming family below.

Spread, amber hands,

Float on the breeze,

Embrace dancing shimmers,

Soft shush of leaves.

In a glimpse of time

You've shared your story

From morning green to sunset glory,

Now delighting in dying

As soft winds are sighing,

Whispering their good byes.


So too, my soul delight.

Likewise, dance into the light.

Fully embrace the end of your race

When you breathe your last good night.