A Christmas Reminder
by Edie Klyve Dec. 2022

Into our earth, our mortal clay
God commands light as on that first day
When He spoke to the darkness of the
the earthly sphere,
Illuminating the world He holds so dear
Then he separated the light from the dark,
...a sign to us all... that He did impart,
that we should be holy.

Arise. Shine. Your light has come!
Light of the world, God's glorious son,
Into our darkness, into our fear, into our sin-filled struggle,
Lighting the way from our night to His day
Jesus the Light of the World

We've dwelt in darkness
But Have seen His great light
Brighter than the star guiding kings through the night,
a Light so mighty, the darkness can't hide
Jesus the Light of the world

In Him is Life that's the Light of men,
Light Everlasting That we should walk in
With the light of His Word, a lamp to our feet,
We make the bright journey
Till our Savior we meet,
Jesus the Light of the world.

We are the light of the world Jesus said
When His glory shines in our hearts
When He fills us with Him, we are filled with His light
Casting rays of hope in the dark.
To a world that lives in shadowy
Lies and what men imagine in error,
We, like the angels, show forth the good news:
Truth and Salvation is here.



2022 December.  Edie L. Klyve