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Cross: The classical symbol of Christianity; a popular jewelry adornment.
consider this: How Jesus Christ was "made sin" for us that we could be made righteous in Him. (Galatians 2:20;3:13; Colossians 2:14)

Church: The meeting house for religious programs.
consider this: The mystical body of believers who are born of the spirit and whose names are written in the "book of life." (John 3:3;Phillipians 4:3; Revelation 13.8)

Temple: A building or edifice where rituals and sacrifices are conducted to elicit G-d's favor and blessings.
consider this: The believer's own body is the temple. 'Do you not know that you are the temple." (1Corinthians 3:16;6:19)

Christian: A member of any of several hundred sects or religious denominations.
consider this: One whose life has been re-formed and renewed by the grace of G-d by virtue of believing in Jesus of Nazareth as Lord and messiah and receiving His Spirit. (Ephesians 2:1-5)

Worship: A worship service; the order of worship in a church or in a religious program.
consider this: Fellowship with the Spirit of G-d; speaking to and hearing from G-d; communion with the Father in heaven. (John 4:23,4)


Priest: Those trained in religious rituals designed to bring G-d's favor and benefits upon the people.
consider this: Each believer is called a priest unto G-d, communing with Him; ministering to Him, and ministering to others on His behalf. (Revelation 1:6;5:10)

Disciples/Saints: The twelve original followers of Jesus, those who on rare occasion display unusual virtue or G-dliness.
consider this: Each believer is called to be disciple and a saint; these are general designations for all believers. (John 8:31,2;Acts 9:13,32,41;26:10)

Minister (noun): The person who is placed in leadership to conduct worship services.
consider this: That which a disciple does to share G-d love and promises to the world; as individuals need to experience the power and compassion of G-d. Minister (verb) the act of service generated by a heart of compassion. What G-d wants to do through His servants. The Lord sees "needs" in every life. G-d's heart toward us, is to bless, restore and make us free. These spiritual intents require the use of human vessels. (Matt 20;26,7,8)

Ministry (noun): The profession of a pastor or person of the cloth. Ordained and credentialed professional who occupies a pulpit or is given the oversight of a congregation consider this Ministry (verb) the act of service generated by a heart of compassion. What G-d wants to do through His servants. The calling of each believer/disciples through the knowledge and power of the Spirit of G-d directing them from within.

Preach: The minister's main oratory or address within the worship service.
consider this: Each believer bearing witness to unbelievers, giving account of the simple realities of G-d's promises in the Word; promises regarding redemption through Jesus' death, burial and resurrection; guided by the power of the Spirit; the authority of His name over powers of darkness and salvation from the wrath to come. (Mark 16:15,16; Romans 10:14,15)

Teach: The minister's exposition of doctrines given from the pulpit as an expert and authority. Usually encompassed within a sermon.
consider this: Each believer sharing insight of his or her own revelations of the reality of G-d, his Word, and experiences in the Kingdom of G-d.
consider this 

Finally remember,

Christianity even as Religion, even weakened by its detriments, has provided a social foundation for millions. Children are nurtured in homes where traditions of church life are practiced. For generations the values system of Christian teachings and beliefs have provided some moral framework and influence to the culture of nations.

But having said this it remains a tragic misfortune that the morality and the social foundations of Christianity are rapidly dissolving in the face of secularism and unbelief. The Spiritual truths of Christianity are steadily being exchanged for a system of secular values promoted in education and in the popular media. Eventually, fewer and fewer will be able to say I am a Christian believer or know what that means. Ideally, that meaning is the testimony that we have personally tasted of the Grace and goodness of G-d through Jesus Christ the Messiah.

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