The 7 Spirits of God
Charles Pinkney

The seven Spirits of God are spoken of in the Book of Revelation as going forth through all the earth to affect God's purposes:   Throughout scripture there are various references to specific "spirits" sent by God to impact or anoint people.

Some writers have focused on the messianic text of Isaiah 11as the key to the 7 Spirits taken from one  single location: (Isaiah 11:2)

The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him, The Spirit of wisdom and understanding, The Spirit of counsel and might, The Spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the Lord.

Although it is convenient and often presented as doctrine, to assume this single text answers the identity of the seven spirits. I am not thoroughly persuaded that these comprise the seven Spirits referred to in Revelation.

There remain so many other references throughout the Bible that would seem to contend for spiritual anointings of God. After studying the references, I have compiled on my own list which I offer here.

Meanwhile, I will maintain an open mind toward this mystery until the day comes that the Lord gives me perfect clarity about this question. In the mean time, I do not think we should be dogmatic about an official list of the seven spirits but share the wisdom and insights that seem to apply.

Seven Spiritual attributes or anointings
that express the character of God

 Spirit of Weeping and Sorrow, Holy Spirit Travail,

Fear of the Lord, the Spirit of Holiness

The Spirit of Mercy and Compassion,

 The Seven Spirits of God, Joy or Rejoicing

Spirit of Zeal

Spirit of Power From Above

Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding (Spirit of Truth)




Signs and Wonders

Shofar Light-Show
During Home Worship