Art Skills in Beginning Art

Mini Course 9 Lessons to Learn Basic Art Skills

After some lessons in Pinkmeister's Art Class you will have learned some of the fundamentals of Art. You have worked on several project assignments which are designed to make you aware of some basic techniques and design skills. Now, I hope that you will put these skills to use as you continue to express your ideas.


Rate each skills listed on a 1 to 4 scale. ! being lowest and 4 being the highest

To use or acknowledge the whole picture space (area) when you draw or paint

( )To think of the area outside of objects as well as areas inside of objects

( )To recognize and use flat 2D areas in designs

( )To recognize and use figure and ground (positive-negative spaces)

( )To be able to shade (tone-model) with brushes, pencils, charcoal or pastels.

( )To understand the concept of icon or symbol

( )To understand the concept of environment

( ) To be able to mix any tone of gray - black to white using a palette

( )To be able to mix color by blending two or more colors using a palette

( )To be able to observe something and reproduce it with good proportions

( )To do things a new way and have new ideas about what art is

( )To be able to draw and shade basic masses or volumes

( )To turn a 2-dimensional shape into one that looks 3 dimensional

( )To draw in linear perspective using one or two vanishing points

( )To understand detail and apply details to pictures for interest

( )To know some of the many styles of arts in the past

( )To think about the motivations that make an artist create

( )To have more respect for the creative process from idea to completion

( )To learn about clay: direct medium, construction, decorating, firing

( )To draw delicate detail with a pen

( )To be able to draw and shade with liquid transparent washes

( )To have a better idea what make a design harmonize

( )To describe art using art visual terms

( )To understand and use design terms