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3 Challenges of The Creative Process

Art?? Why Art in School

Art Graduation and Achievement Projects

Art Skills Map forTeachers

Art Skills, Skills for Art Proficiency

3 Challenges of The Creative Process

7, 8 Art Class Assignments

Art Links to some Great Art on Net

Artsmart Know things

Artwork by Students

Art Ideas -Concepts to Aid Creativity

  Basics of Composition Organization in Art

Beginning A Picture, Checklist

Class 7, design, " breakup"

Clay Projects EZ
Additional Clay Designs slab and coil

Cropping, finding a Picture Inside a Picture

Little Things Make Interesting Pictures 

 Discovery &  Invention things which enhance creativity

Drawing Assignments, 

Fantasy & Imagination, Exercises 

General Info for New Students

How to Transform 2d to 3d

How to look at Art 

Developing Ideas for Art
Ideas that follow Themes
Idea Development in Art

Index of Design Lessons

Judging  Good Art?

Learning to Look at Art, Part one
Learning to Look at Art, Part Two

 Painting and Color  Assignments

Picture Analysis

Pinkmeister's Demo 

Pinkmeister's Art Links

Students at Work or - -

Themes Styles


Ideas and Themes to Develop


Gain more creative ideas
work more independently; apply knowledge of composition;
gain skills with materials; better understand the ties of art to culture.

Art Ideas: All art comes from an idea

Serious artists have a purpose and understand what they are trying to achieve

Art 'criticism' deals with critical thought about interpreting an artist's motivation

An art critic has studied opinions but may not know the artist exact purposes

Quotations or writings by the artists tell us the most about their motivations.

We may have a "disconnect" when the art work is totally strange or new in its representation and forms.

Seeing Art teaches us about Art!

The more art we see the more and better ideas we can implement.


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