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In the process of seeing, we have an inner sense that  things have 
dimensional depth in space.
This comes from certain visual clues.
We use these visual clues to determine that a picture has depth or 3 dimensional space.
We can call this technique simple perspective.    
Visual Clue 1 
Overlapping forms or objects. 
Visual Clue 2 
Size decreases with objects that are farther away. 
Visual Clue 3 
Change of color or tone of objects that are farther away. Visual Clue 4 
The Rising of objects on the "picture plane" or  higher up on ground plane position.  


   The Horizon introduces the farthest point 
away from us.

   There is both overlapping and size change above.   

   There is raising and color or tone change in the aboveexample. This is called aerial perspective. Meaning appearance of things is affected by the air.     


Artists of Japan and China were  impressed with 
this method of showing space. 

Positioning  forms from top to bottom on the picture plane. 
Size  of objects however, did not seem to change much


An Assignment Using Simple Perspective 

(Include all of the methods listed above.)
Select forms (visual content) from among the following objects. 
Try to position these forms in an interesting and creative way. 
Any of these things can be repeated 
Repeat in a variety of  sizes.

Show a horizon line, to reference the most distant part of the scene.

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You will also learn a new tone and coloring technique with this project. Pastels.
Pastels are soft and apply and blend together easily with cotton balls. The appearance of pastels gives  a pleasant atmospheric look and also mass and shading with the tonal blends.  

Work large on this picture. First, pencil in the basic shapes, then, apply the color pastels with cotton balls or q-tips.

You may wish to add some marker to bring out some line details later on.
When you're done, spray the final project with hair spray to keep the powder from smudging off.
 Froehliche D. Frog says.
"It's a giant leap forward, when you learn 
"Perspective and Depth of Space."


 Last Updated 1-3-2024