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"Using View-finders
and mapping the drawing spaces

Drawing Lesson 2
Mapping space with viewfinder or camera image involves noting
all of the picture content from edge to edge.

If we can imagine a map that has many states or regions displayed and each state has a border or boundary with another state this is the basic comcept of picture area mapping. ( As you draw you do not need to place any numbers within your sketch unless you are color-coding the areas.)

The eye does not see as much as a camera does, especially without practice! This lesson will train our eyes to note the areas of space which are occupied by principle forms, objects, and masses that are visible through our viewing window.

Find a photo or use a hand cut viewfinder to make an image selection from a certain location,

A piece of stiff paper with a rectangular window cut out of the center. The window should be about 1.5 by 3 inches.

The drawing warmups Lesson.

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Difference between sketches, studies, and compositions.


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