Students will have advanced assignments to guide creative challenges.
Advanced drawing encourages growth in techniques in a variety of approaches.
Advanced art students will grow in creative applications.
Some additional work may need to be completed outside of class.

1. All completed work must be "compositions" rather than "studies."
A composition recognizes the whole space. Compositions include drawing of more than a single form in the whole space.

In a composition; objects are seen in an environment.

are practice drawings which which are done for skill building or to help develope part of an idea. Studies are not always whole compositions.

2. If more than a single work is assigned; your grade will reflect doing less than the assigned amount. Grades will reflect both quality and completeness:
One grade for the completeness and a grade for the quality of the work.

Click underlined link for detail of assignment.

Drawing: Unit 1
Toned Ground Method

Drawing Unit 2
Analyzing space from a picture: AND Super Graphic 18x24, Sharpie markers

Drawing Unit 3
Detail Studies: Detail information and miniatures in a variety of media. Work with gel pen color on dark, or black paper. click for detail html

Drawing Week 5 Drawing will feature a scratch board technique.
9x12 scratch board. Black surfaces is scratched to reveal a white line.

Drawing Week 6 Drawing Week 4 full size charcoal and wash Portrait, from digital image Experiment with line and wash method: New media: Brush and Wash
opaque projector will aid in outline and proportion.

Drawing Week 7  Drawing Faces
Drawing Week 8  Drawing Whole Body from Pose
Drawing Week 9  Free Choice of Subject