Creativity Features
Discovery & Invention

What do you do when you do not know what to do?  
Where do you go when you do not know where to go? When there is no way, or, 
If you have never been that way before, 
Your only choice is discover the way AS you go.

In the creative process, artists rarely know the appearance of the final work of art.  They rarely have every step planned. Art is full of discovery and full of finding unexpected results. At any one moment there will be an infinite number of choices. 
In this pioneering effort you some times have to throw away some results or revise them. There are other times when the unplanned or the unexpected happens to be the very thing which makes a work of art not just good but brilliant.
Art sometimes happens by accident.  These unplanned moments which bring such fantastic results are called serendipity.
Discovery and invention reside within the creative arts. Here is originality.  Originality is how God did it when he created everything 'original'. When you are one of your kind and your art work is the only such concept of its kind originality is the product.

Originality is what makes artists great.

Imagination is the ability to see or hear something
before it is exists or becomes visible.

Froeliche D. Frog says,

"Be Creative, Hop to it!"