Turn 2 dimensional shapes into 3 dimensional masses or volumes by adding surfaces and tonality to suggest light and shadow
Breakup design series teaches the skills of mixing color and neatly applying paint to areas.
Interpret an interesting picture composition. After pencil-drawing the areas, Interpret each space for darkness, detail, and soft versus hard edges.
"Art by Accident" is an imagination builder appropriate for any age. Wet in wet effects become the idea source for imaginative subjects added later.
Step by step demo on making
a personal symbols
wall plaque, using stamps
and add-ons.
A nice wall pocket can be done in a half hour or less using the step by step instructions in this demo.
ART SKILLS - - There are many art skills which can be taught and develope with use and practice. Here are some of these.
GOOD STUDENT ART - - Some recent art work done by students in the Pinkmeister's classes
Drawing the human body in proportion can be done in a variety of ways. Figure drawing builds the skill of accurately drawing from observation.
Pictures are comprised of areas, each of these areas contribute to a good drawing or painting.
Compare the work of two artists. Compare method and expressive qualities as well as design features and visual elements
Draw the human face using guide lines; three views include front, profile and 3 quarter views.
Slab built clay projects for high school and middle school. Decorated and assembled bases, sides and decorative elements.
Design and composition lesson defines terms like repetition, contrast, emphasis, etc.
"Near and Far" Introduces features of simple perspective; overlapping, size changes, and the use of horizon - a reference to distance.
Discover master artists like Vincent VanGogh,
Claude Monet or Pablo Picasso. These sites are good places to learn about them.
Detail in a drawn or painted picture adds visual richness as well as defining the subject.
3D studio offers this mask project. Here are step by step samples
Why teach art in school?
Plus other topics on art and culture.
numerous design related assignments



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