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3 Challenges of The Creative Process

7th Grade, design,
" breakup"

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Mixing paint on a palette, Changing Colors, Painting to an edge,
This is an assignment in which the design is based on a geometric
Break Up of the picture. Three movements which divide the page into
at least 12 areas. See Break Up design:

Take a small amount of
the colors you will be mixing. Start with B & W
Take a paper towel to blot and change colors;
A Water supply to clean brushes, A small bristle brush
The challenge is to produce a variety of mixed tones from White to Black. Paint cleanly to the line edge of design.
Here is a hint to paint straight: Point the brush toward side to be painted. Move brush side to side.
Point, sneak up on the edge.
Movement is
side to side,
not poking or outlining the
drawn edge.

When you complete a side
turn (rotate) the page, allowing for easy contact with the each new side.

When you complete a side
turn (rotate) the page,
Rotate again.
When you are ready for a color mixture change, rinse brush and blot bristles on your towel.
In this assignment we try to get a variety of gray tones, from very light to
very dark, and Black & White
Practice makes for better control. Every minute is easier than the first time.
In order to have good evenly mixed colors or tones, stroke the colors until they are blended evenly on the palette.
The next assignment adds an additional hue to the palette. This adds a whole new range of choices -- From Grays to Blue Grays, or another blend -
dark tones and light tints.

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