We are in the waning days of the church age. As the prophetic end of the age approaches Christianity and the churches of God are at a crossroad. Tragically, the majority of those who teach the Bible and those who are engaged in various ministries continue to follow traditional paths. The presumptions (paradigms) of ministry remain unchanged even in the face of impending judgment.

For the most part, Christianity has become a man-led enterprise. The focus in most congregations seems to be more about how to increase the size of their congregation and expand their building program. 'Smart' seminarians are now questioning the authenticity and inerrancy of the Bible and have departed from the faith. New, so called, prophetic voices have arisen declaring the glorious resurgence of the church that shall usher in the kingdom age through its own insights and strategies.

You will find in these podcasts a point of view that will question the paradigms and the status quo of the Christian faith. Yet I remain unwavering to the foundation of Biblical authority and the absolute certainty of the prophetic realities we face in this hour. The dark schemes of our adversary unfold before our very eyes. It is my prayer that nominal Christians be awakened from slumber and apathy and respond to the summons of the Spirit of the Lord Jesus to earnestly seek the Him return to him.

Charles Pinkney 2013

Understanding paradigms: What are paradigms? How do they control are thinking and understanding of the world around us? Religious paradigms to re-think. Paradigms: Part 1 mp3
Religious paradigms continued; Leadership 'covering' - Has the supernatural side of Christianity ceased? - What do we do with Israel and the roots of Judaism? Paradigms: Part 2 mp3
Taking a look at attributes of worldly wisdom; The smartest and wisest among the unredeemed, do not know God. paradigm of worldly wisdom
3m 20s mp3
Religious paradigms, nominal Christian life, the familiar trappings of churchianity; religious wisdom contrasted to Godly wisdom Religious vs Godly wisdom
9m 26s mp3
Charles Pinkney, Personal Testimony, How I went from being a church goer to a Christian believer

Part 1: 11m 15s mp3

Charles Pinkney testimony, The first God encounter; Touched by the power of God Part 2: 8m 15s mp3
Charles Pinkney testimony continued, Back of the desert days, the experience of being crucified to the world, the operation of the "Spirit of Truth" Part 3: 8m mp3
Charles Pinkney testimony final. Spiritual God stories; Hope and direction for believers Part 4: 8m 45s mp3