Valentine for Audrey, 2007

It's 2007 and that rhymes with heaven
The place where some day we’ll shine,
But ‘till our departure I’m still loved and blessed
As long as my Sweet Aud is mine.

For she has an angelic light of her own
Which brightens my days with its glow,
And that bit o' Heaven lends its gentle tone
To the living we do here below.

And if someday the trumpet should summon us home
To our mansion, new-built by the King
I'll be somewhat prepared for how grand it will be--
See, My Aud is a Heavenly Thing.

A Heavenly brightness streams out of her eyes,
A Heavenly scent sees her home,
Her touch is as gentle as Heaven’s soft skies,
Her voice has a heavenly hum.

One so 'in His image' could not help but be
A Heavenly child–nay, a Queen;
And that’s why I know that my beautiful Aud
Is from Heaven, if any I've seen.

If any think this is hyperbole,
you've never met my sweet Audrey,

Gene Pinkney

(Feb. 13, 2007