Whatsoever Is Lovely

A Valentine from Phillipeans Chapter 4

Another year, sweet Audrey

With you for my valentine;

Outside it’s pushing two below,

But here, inside, it’s fine.

For there’s a furnace in my breast

All warm for love of you,

A certainty that meets all tests

Of what is good and true.

For you are honest, you are just;

Lovely, of good report;

You are pure virtue’s living trust;

Paul’s words do not fall short.

And so when seeking lovliness

Or comeliness to praise,

My mind needs only think on you

And all my prospects raise.

For you are my sweet Phillipean,

My loving chapter four.

I need but think on you, sweet wife,

To feel blessed and adored.

Indeed, the Lord must love me

In that He gave me you;

What greater proof that He is there

Than that he made Dear, you.

So Thanks Lord for my Audrey

And for your servant, Paul;

Such beauteous truth blessing my days

Will save me after all.

(2/ 14/ 02)

Gene Pinkney

© 2006
May not be copied without attribution