Prodigal Welcome Home

Has anybody seen our lost son Johnnie?

I've been dreaming he's not gone;

I see him walking, skipping, running

Out against the eastern dawning;

Then I blink, and look again, and lo, he’s home.

 'Welcome home my well-beloved,

Let me take you in my arms

I can see you’ve lived some trouble.

You been working the hog farms?

Servants, come and wash him spotless;

Lay him out a purple robe,

Put my gold ring on his finger;

Drape is neck in chains of gold

Go and kill the calf I've cherished

Bring our finest bright new wine,

For the son I thought had perished

Has come home and he is fine.

Welcome home, dear son, dear Johnnie.

Come and celebrate with me,

Praise our God of milk and honey

Who has kept you safe for me.

Every servant, every helper every daughter, every son,

Come and sing and dance and praise Him,

Ever faithful, Holy One!

Thanks for bringing home my Johnnie

Thanks for keeping him from harm

For the son I thought was lost is found

Let jubilee beshake this farm!

Jubilee must ring triumphant

Every tongue must praise our God

Johnnie's home! Go, blow the trumpet.

Hallelujah, Praise the Lord!

Every servant, every helper, sons and daughter, everyone,

Come and sing and dance and praise Him.

I've got back my precious son!

Gene Pinkney: Oct, 23, 04

See John. 3/16—each of us is or has been a Johnnie



© 2006, Gene Pinkney, No portion may be copied without attribution