Praise Psalm III: A Meditation
King of Glory, God's own son

King of Glory, God's own son
Mighty Warrior, Peaceful One
With the Father 'throned above
Pouring forth pure Grace and Love.
Hallelujah Mighty One
Blessed Jesus, God's own Son!
Come within our hearts to dwell,
End our bondage, banish Hell.

Holy Spirit, Breath of God,
Bathe us in Christ's precious blood;
Wash us clean and wash us bright,
Drown our darkness in His Light
Let God's Light within us Shine,
Come Lord; sit with us and dine–
For your flesh is bread indeed,
Broken for us in our need.
And your blood is drink divine
Pressed to make our faces shine,
Shed for our iniquity,
Shed to make all captives free.

King of Glory, precious one,
Mighty brother, God's first son.
Make of us one family–
Christians-loved, exalting Thee.
We receive your sacrifice,
Jesus, make our hearts your home;
Dwell in us; make bright our eyes,
Bid all our wanderers come home.

King of Glory, God's first son,
Precious Jesus, Holy One–
Planted so death's thorns will die
And Love shine forth from every eye,
King, Messiah, Christ Divine
Change my water into Wine.


Gene Pinkney: 4/15/06


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