For Fern Ward

Sweet Fern still greenly growing in our field
Although your bloom has long since gathered snow
How precious is your faithful, fruitful yield
A fragrant presence blessing us below.
Above, your Clarence, long since in God's care
Awaits with loving patience your return

Yes. even in fields of Glory rich and fair,
His Love for you, more bright than ever, burns
He knows as none but God your preciousness,
(An understanding spouses keep from friends).
He longs once more to feel your love's caress,
And share his new-found Joy 'til Heaven ends.
So linger with us patiently, sweet Fern;
Forgive the young who hardly see grey hair;

From your longsuffering may they patience learn,
And learn true beauty hides from young and fair.
In persons left alone God makes his home,
So flourish, Sweet Fem, blossom where we are,
Here where His Holy River springs up Life,
God soon will send a Son to take a wife.


Copyright 2006  Gene Pinkney
No quotes may be used without attribution