A Letter to a new believer


May 22, 2006


Dearest niece,

  I've thought of you often since our visit to your confirmation; mainly I think, because of the very excellent impression you made on both Audrey and me. I was much impressed at what a sensible and serious-minded bright young lady you have become. I was especially pleased to hear that you are taking your conversion to Christianity seriously, and I cannot think of a wiser or more vital decision any young person could make. I truly believe that without God's help no one is safe from the kind of trouble our evil enemy can bring to his/her life.


  You see the impact of drugs everywhere, and this is only the tip of a very huge sin iceberg bent on destroying as many lives as it can.


  You have already taken the first step in arming yourself against the devil's attacks, that is inviting Jesus into your life.


  The next step is nearly as vital and in many ways more so, and that is inviting the Holy Spirit into your life to be your 'comforter' your teacher, your wisdom giver and your stand-by guardian. There are thousands of Christians who are going to Heaven because of the first decision, but thousands of others who still must suffer all sorts of hardship needlessly because they haven't taken step two.


  It was that step taken by both Audrey and me that has literally been a life saver to both us and our marriage because the Holy Spirit has opened up the many promises and provisions the Father has laid up for his children (you and me and everyone who calls upon his Name). And time and again when we had desperate need of wisdom or healing or help, the Holy Spirit has brought us His 'very present help in time of need.': scriptures, warnings, reminders, good ideas, joy, understandings, things we've lost, people to tell us things'you name it, God can do it!


  So Dear one, when an extra copy of Derek Prince's 'Receiving the Holy Spirit' fell into our hands, the Holy Spirit immediately brought you to mind. What better confirmation present might anyone have then a book opening to him one of the greatest treasures in Christianity'a walking relationship with the Holy Spirit, not merely as a concept or catch-phrase, but as a real person, the third of the trinity. The book will eloquently speak for itself, and once you have invited the Holy Spirit to be your Teacher, you will access another priceless fruit of the spirit'Joy. 'The Joy of the Lord is our strength.' and that strength makes us 'more than conquerors.' Because Jesus has already won our battles for us! And the Spirit will reveal to our spirit just how great that victory is, and make real in us the other 'fruit of the Spirit' as well.


  So, hope you will digest this book carefully and follow its advice. Believe me, you will never be sorry. Hope you will have a wonderful and blessed summer. Stay in the word, it is your sure 'anchor of the soul,' and 'a light unto your path'.



Uncle Gene