God setteth the solitary in families;
He bringeth out those that are bound with chains. (Psalm 68: 6)

Five lovely stars have flown from far to form a brilliant crown
A new-born constellation beams its grace on Wahpeton
No "paley circlet" this array, but all first magnitude
Blazing from past obscurity to prove that God is good.

All of one blood these sister stars,
yet none the others knew
God joins the lost in families;
That scripture has come true.

T'was Jan from Texas, found us first,
then Kim and Tammy,
bright from the great northwest
But Betsy soon did follow-sure, California's best

And last, lo and behold,
the lovely Lana took her place
amid the heavenly fold.

Sure must Virginia smile from Heaven
to see her lost ones found
And beams the more to see them joined
in good old Fairmount town.

For there another cousin dwells,
sweet Betsy's perfect twin,
Could any doubt that God himself
created this great win.

So now we here in Pinkneyville
have neices by the score
And tales that speak of miracles
and Grace abounding more.

Thank You Holy Spirit sweet, for rounding up our clan
Tammy and Kim and Betsy too,
Lana and lovely Jan.


Uncle Gene Paul Pinkney

July 13, 2015