The Welcomer: For Pat Goggin

Mr. Wahpeton has Gone

And so there'll no more be

The hardy welcome our old town

Has grown so used to see.

He made folks feel important,

Worth his welcome, worth his while

As with unfeigned sincerity

He warmed them with his smile,

He just loved people--you and me,

The other fella too;

Pat could find happy company

In any kind of shoes.

So now that Patrick Goggin's gone

How will the city thrive?

How will the next ambassador

Keep Pat's kind warmth alive?

Yes, Mr. Wahpeton was kind

And his rich spirit stays

A treasure bright to every mind

Where his sweet recollection plays.

Lord, with your springing cities There,

Gated with jasper, paved with gold,

Surely one needs a welcomer

To greet new comers to the fold.

May all who've known and loved him here

Someday re-meet the welcomer

As with his Kate, bright, hand-in-hand

They welcome all in Heaven's land..

Gene Pinkney (1995)


Copyright 2006 ? Gene Pinkney
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