To Jean

We will see you In the morning,

Dearest Jeanie, dear friend Jean

We will see you in the morning

When they stop this old machine

Since you leave the party early

Sleep an extra hour for me

And we'll see you in the morning

Dearest Jean

We hit Science School together

Dearest Jeanie, Dear friend Jean,

And your cheerful, inner weather

Sunnied all the campus green

And your crowed happy classes

Were the best by many seen

But we'll talk more in the morning

Dear friend Jean.

I will miss your gales of laughter

Dearest Jeanie, Dear friend Jean

And our happy chats thereafter

By the soda pop machine.

How you loved our jibe and


You from puns could skim the


But I'll see you in the morning

Dearest Jean.

For there is a morning coming

When the Great Semester starts

And we wake to perfect classes

With renewed and perfect hearts.

Till that dawn, while here we labor

Sleep an entra hour and dream

We will see you in the morning

Darlin' Jean.

Copyright 2006 ? Gene Pinkney
No quotes may be used without attribution