To Margaret Dohman

Upon Reaching Ninety

I know where you've been dwelling.


Why, in the secret place.

How else could you live ninety years

In beauty, love, and grace

'With long life will I satisfy,'

God says, Psalm 91;

May your Peace and satisfaction grow

'Till all your course is run.

How honored are we all to've known

Your lovely dignity

To have known that you were one of us

On this we'll all agree'

Your life is proof God keeps His Word,

(Let scorners have their doubts),

A good life reaps God's benefits

Each day, in thanks let's shout!

So thank you blessed child of God

For blessing us each day'

You're the glory of our body

Our crown of dignity.

You've shown true lovliness expands

Each day in Blessed lives;

Thank you dear God for Margaret.

Long may she live and thrive.

Gene Pinkney





© 2006, Gene Pinkney