Hallelujah Anyhow

Come and sing Hallelujah anyhow!
Come and sing Hallelujah anyhow.
Clap and shout and dance and sing,
Let your glad Hosannas ring,
Come and sing Hallelujah anyhow!

You gotta sing Hallelujah anyhow.
You gotta sing Hallelujah anyhow,
When life's troubles get you down,
And the devil steals your crown,
Look up and sing hallelujah anyhow!

Yes, sing Hallelujah anyhow.
When rough roads and heavy burdens make you bow;
When the letter brings bad news,
Throw away those moody blues,
Stand up and sing Hallelujah anyhow.

Yes, keep on singing Hallelujahs anyhow,
Don't let big ol' lines of worry trench your brow;
So the bottom line was red,
And your prospects all but dead,
Grin and shout, Hallelujah anyhow.

Yes brother, sing Hallelujah come what may,
God will live within in your praises all the day,
Things will brighten by the hour,
As the Lord pours out His Power
For the victory is ours; Hell save the day.

Sing Hallelujah anyhow; the Lord is good.
Make your joyous songs of praise His daily food.
Praise Him morning noon and night;
Grateful praise is His delight,
And He longs to bless His children;
He is good!

Come and sing Hallelujah; it is right.
When the sun and moon and stars withhold their light,
When big trouble darkens near,
Lift your voice in faith and cheer,
And just sing, Hallelujah anyhow!

Come and sing Hallelujah; get on board,
When you're down and over-burdened, praise the Lord
Bring the out-casts and the hurt
All those eating satan's dirt,
Sing and shout Hallelujah anyhow!

Chorus (stick it where ever it fits):
Come and sing Hallelujah anyhow,
Come and sing Hallelujah anyhow,
Clap and shout and dance and sing,
Let your glad Hossannas ring;
Come and sing Halleluajah anyhow!

You can add as many verses to this theme as you can dream up.
His grace is boundless; so should be our praise.

Praise accomplishes a number of vital good things for the grateful:

1. Praise builds one's faith and drives out fear.
2. Praise drives the devil mad and drives him out.
3. Praise ministers to God and gives Him
the Glory and Honor due unto His name.
4. Praise gives God gratitude even if our need is not yet met.
5. Remember, praising God in the midst of your trouble
immediately brings Him into action on your behalf.
(This is faith in action.)
*"Oh praise the Lord for praise is comely (beautiful)."
It's the least we can do given all our blessings.
*Psalm 33: and Psalm 147.1

Gene Pinkney 1/14/2014