A Hymn of Praise

Jesus, Make My Praise Your Dwelling

Jesus make my praise your dwelling place;
Bid your Holy Spirit live within this song;
Bring to life each loving note
Pouring from each grateful throat;
Let the music be our Savior's joyous, home;
And make each heart an altar
And your throne.

Come and live within our praises, gentle savior
Make this graterul song of Jove your dwelling place.
For it pours from one full heart
Thanks and praise fills every part
Let us sense your fragrant Presence in the room
Holy Spirit, bid our precious Lord come soon!

Come and live within these praises gentle Savior
Holy Spirit make this song a holy song
As it sings of Joys to come
In that Glorious Heavenly Home
Where the blessed shall shine in glory of you grace,
Full joyous to behold their Master's face.


Gene Pinkney